How to start a YouTube channel?

With the amazing rise in vlogging trend, it is completely okay to be enticed by this idea. If you are looking forward to set up your own YouTube channel, you are here at the right place. This isn’t just fun or hobby but the best thing is that you can also earn handsome amount of money with this.

Step by step guide to start a YouTube channel

Step#1 Sign-in to Google Account

The owner of YouTube is Google. Keeping this fact in mind, you must sign in to Google account before start creating a YouTube account. Don’t have a Google account? No worries. You can make the one simply within a few minutes. Once you are done with this, move to the next step.

Step#2 Click on My channel to create one

Sign in to your YouTube account now & locate My Channel option there from the drop-down menu in the right top corner. The most important thing after this is deciding for your channel name. When deciding for it, just make sure to keep it relevant & professional.

Make sure that the name of your channel describes well what your channel is about. After deciding for channel name, select the two more fields there i.e. the category & appropriate audience for it. After that, click the ‘Done’ button.

Step#3 Take a tour

Once you are done with signing in & naming process, go to your channel page. In this regard, the very first step to take is ‘take a tour of your new channel’. You will see this option on top right corner of your page. Its purpose is to make you familiar with several options there which are available for editing purpose etc.

Step#4 Edit account settings of YouTube

Access the YouTube settings now to edit & customize your account setting. You can access this option from the same drop-down menu. There, you can customize YouTube URL, connect your account with other social media accounts you have, edit your privacy settings, and notification settings etc.

Congratulations – You are done with everything now!

YouTube channel

Tips to follow for starting a successful YouTube channel

# Pre-plan the purpose of channel & your content

Before you create your channel, you must pre-plan about the purpose of your channel & your content as well.

The purpose of each & every person may be different & you need to recognize it. You may need a channel to promote your products & services to get better exposure. You may need it for showcasing any of your talent, skill, hobby or art to the world.

Or simply, your purpose to create YouTube channel is to earn handsome money. No matter what your point is, you will get followers & views, if and only if you keep your content exceptional, interesting & engaging for your audience.

# Get yourself right & professional equipment

There is nothing wrong with recording the videos for your channel with your Smartphone. However, if you want your viewers to enjoy & appreciate your content, just get yourself the right & professional equipment. Almost all YouTubers use mirror-less cameras or DSLRs for recording purpose. Other essential accessories you may need include lenses, studio lighting, high-quality microphone & tripods etc.

# Make each & every moment count

For making your video appealing to the audience, it is significant to put efforts to make every second count. In this regard, you must only add high quality & meaningful clips & delete the rest in the final cut. This is more important for beginners.

The reason is that a few starting months are of huge significance for you. You must not let the viewers lose interest. Once you get enough subscribers, you can get a bit of freedom with this.

Before finalizing the video, see your video like a viewer & make decisions accordingly.

# Editing & optimizing videos is MUST

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Both editing & optimization for your videos are equally important. Let us talk about editing first. The people usually associate editing with advanced software. But, this is not always the truth.

In your beginning days, you can always choose to use simple & free editing tools. Just keep in mind that your purpose is to make your video appealing a little bit. So, you can do it effectively with simple & user-friendly programs, which are available to download online for free.

Let us come towards optimizing your videos that give them a bit more visibility to your content to get better rankings. The most important thing to keep in mind while uploading your video is a good title. A good title means the one with a good depiction that includes your main keyword as well. Also, don’t forget about including relevant tags along with your videos & a good description too.

# Build a good relation with viewers

As you put efforts to build your network, you start becoming successful here on YouTube. You gain viewers, followers & comments with the passage of time. Moreover, your followers start contacting you on social media accounts as well.

In this regard, the best recommendation for you is to connect with your followers in a nice manner. Reading & responding to all tweets, comments & messages is always great for building up more follower base.

Especially in the beginnings, you need such interactions the most. Moreover, you get an idea about what people want from you & then you create content accordingly.

# Be consistent with postings

The last but not the least thing to mention here is that you must be consistent with your postings. The best idea is to make a schedule & strictly follow that. For instance, choose two days a week to post videos & let your viewers know about this as well. Once you start getting enough following, you can choose to post once a week as well.

One important thing for the beginners is that don’t let the negative comments affect or de-motivate you. No matter how amazing your content is, you will also receive loads of negative comments too. Just keep in mind that you can never please everyone around & keep working for those who love you & appreciate your work.

Becoming a successful vlogger isn’t rocket science, as most people think. In order to start a YouTube channel, every essential detail is given above. Just have a look & start your amazing journey now. GOOD LUCK!!

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