How to clean a laptop screen & keyboard? [Full Guide]

How to clean a laptop screen & keyboard : When we buy new laptops, we often promise ourselves that we will not let it get dirty ever. I always do this & I hope everybody out there is like me. Jokes apart, when we use laptops on a regular basis, for instance, for watching a movie, for writing something or doing research, it collects dirt & dust from the environment. More than often, dust is spread all over its screen & keyboards, which make it look unappealing.

So, it is important for you to clean all these dust/food particles or other debris on time. Otherwise, it may damage the LCD and keyboard severely. I tried a few gentle & safe tips for cleaning my laptop. So, I think it is the time to share all of them with you as well. Let us first talk about the ways to clean a laptop screen.

Part #1: Cleaning screen of the laptop

How to clean a laptop screen

# Use a microfiber cloth

A few people clean the screen & keyboard of the laptop while it is in sleep mode. But, this is the weirdest thing they do. You must avoid it & just turn off your laptop whenever you need to clean it. Other than the safety concerns, cleaning it while its turn on may consequently lead to permanent damage. Now it is ready to clean it with a microfiber cloth.

As LCD is the most delicate part of your laptop so you must handle it with care. This is the reason I have recommended to use a microfiber cloth. It is soft & doesn’t product lint as well. Other fabrics are usually scratchy & may leave your screen damaged. Even, for cleaning your mobile screens, using microfiber cloth is the best choice.
Keeping in mind that you don’t have to put pressure on the screen, try to clean laptop screen gently with this piece of cloth. Prefer to wipe up gently in a circular motion.

Screen gets its shine & attractiveness back with this but the frame of the screen needs more cleaning. For the frame, you can choose to use a normal cleaning solution. Spray it on the microfiber cloth and clean it. Remember, it doesn’t have to get in touch with your laptop screen.However, this method is useful if your laptop screen isn’t too much dusty. After you buy a new laptop, you can repeat the process listed above once a week. But, if it is already too much dirty, this method isn’t going to work the best.

# Use a cleaning solution

Let us go towards another method of cleaning your laptop screen. In this case, the same thing has to be repeated first. Turn off the laptop & it shouldn’t be on sleeping mode, not even on charging.

The cleaning solution, like the one we used to clean the frame, isn’t suitable for the laptop screen. The reason is that it contains chemicals & may damage the screen.
The perfect solution for the dustier screen is pure water that has no chemicals in it. Take a piece of cloth (preferably microfiber cloth). Dip it in water, squeeze water out of it & clean the screen gently with it. In case, it needs heavier cleaning, still the use of soap isn’t recommended at all.

To resolve this, you can mix a portion of water into an equal portion of vinegar. Now, take a spray bottle, add the solution to it. This is not supposed to be sprayed on the laptop screen directly. You have to spray it on a microfiber cloth to make it a little moist. Now, start cleaning the screen from one end gently in circular motion, while not applying the pressure on it. Your clean & clear laptop screen is ready.

Part #2: Cleaning the keyboard of laptop

Cleaning the keyboard of laptop

# Use a compressed air can

This is the part of the laptop we keep in touch with most of the time & yes, it needs frequent care. You must clean it timely until the problem gets out of your hands. Here is the easiest way of cleaning your keyboard at home.

The first thing you have to do is turn off your laptop for cleaning its keyboard as well. Grasp it upside down & shake it gently. It will remove the small particles from it, if any. Now take a can of compressed air, keep it at forty-five degree angle & several inches away. Make sure to utilize short air bursts.

Now take a cloth & spray over it a little amount of isopropyl alcohol & clean all the keys as well as its sides with this. During the process, if you notice tiny particles or any material between the keys, put them out with the fine tweezers. You are just done with it. This is the easiest way of cleaning the keyboard of your laptop within a few minutes. You can repeat the process once or twice in 15 days to keep it away from getting too much dirty.

So, all the above-listed ways for cleaning laptop screen/keyboard are useful & works the best as well. However, I suggest you that don’t wait for your laptop to get too much dirty. Just like me, you can choose to keep a soft & smooth piece of cloth (Like microfiber cloth) in your laptop bag. After you are done using it, make sure to clean the laptop screen, its frame, & keyboard thoroughly on a regular basis. It won’t get you in too much trouble of spending hours on cleaning it later.

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