How to play DVD in windows 10 for free [Full Guide]

Microsoft has removed windows media center from windows 10. It doesn’t allow you to play DVD anymore. Is there any way to play DVD? Is it paid or unpaid? Lots of questions may arise in your mind regarding this. Let move further to discover the free ways to play DVDs on Windows 10.

If you have switched to Windows 10, you might be facing problems when you insert the DVD disc into your PC. There isn’t something wrong with your PC. The bad news is that Microsoft has eliminated the built-in DVD player from the windows this time.

No one can let you know the exact reason behind removing this software. It may be an issue about licensing or anything else. But, the things is, it was a great utility for all of us & without it, it is sort of incomplete windows.

For purpose of watching DVDs on Windows 10, there is an app available for you. But, the bad news is that it costs you around $14. But, with it, there is good news for you that you don’t need to buy this app. When you have a few free alternatives available, why should you pay for it? Let us have a look at top 4 players that can play the DVDs on windows 10 for free.

Top 4 media players to play DVDs on Windows 10

#1 VLC media player

How to play DVD in windows 10 for free [Full Guide]

When it comes to the best DVD players for Windows 10, VLC media player comes first to the list. I have tried all the players which I am going to list here. But, the reason for which this one is the best is that it is reliable, portable, skillful, other than being totally free.

All you have to do is download this player from a reliable site just for free online & install it on your PC. It doesn’t require much time from your end while installing it, which becomes the most terrible thing ever. After done installing it, before inserting DVD disc, set this to default player. Other than playing DVDs & multimedia files, it also allows you to download files online as well as convert videos. Undoubtedly, it proffers the best user experience.

#2 Pot player

#2 Pot player

When discussing the list of top 4 DVD players for windows 10, Pot Player comes second to the list. It is known for its supreme & impressive performance. The reason for which it is claimed that it proffer users the impressive performance is obvious. As it utilizes the advanced CUDA, DXVA, & QuickSync, so has swift processing speed while consuming fewer resources. It performs the best while playing a variety of videos & audios. Other than this, it can play Blu-rays, & obviously DVDs.

The reason for which teenagers prefer downloading is that it supports several 3D glasses types. Because of having support for a few 3D video output formats, one can enjoy the 3D videos to its full potential.

The process for downloading it remains the same. All you have to do is download it from a reliable site online. Install it on your PC & launch it. In the right upper corner, you will see a menu icon. There, you have to select Open & then Open DVD.

#3 5K player

When we talk about the 5k player, it is much more than just a player. The 5K media player is one of the best DVD media players for windows 10. Other than featuring high definition video playback support, it also let you watch DVDs off course & plays radio stations online with the utmost ease.

The way to download this on your PC is really simple. After you are done downloading & installing it on your PC, it requires free account creation from your end. When you create an account, it allows you to enjoy all of its features just for free.

You are ready to play DVDs on your Windows 10 now. All you have to do is insert DVD disc. On the 5k player’s main window, you will see a DVD button. Simply click that button & then click OK to start.

#4 GOM player

GOM player

The last one player that come to the list of top 4 free media players for windows 10 is GOM player. Other than CDs & DVDs, it supports a variety of popular videos like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, WMV & a lot more. The best thing about this player is that it supports downloading & playing subtitles as well via its library, along with DVDs.

But, the reason for which I have listed this on the last is that it shows ads. It definitely affects the user experience badly. This is the reason for which a lot of people don’t prefer it but still, it is a good choice for playing your DVDs on windows 10 for free.

After you are done downloading & installing it on your PC, all you have to do is insert Disc, run this media player & right-click on its window. Here, you have to select Open & then choose Default DVD drive. It also supports IFO files.

Wrapping up

It was all about top 4 media players that allow you to play DVDs on Windows 10, just for free. But, these are not the only options. The other available options that you can opt to download are BlazeDVD, Leawo Blu-Ray player, KM player, & Kodi.

If you have any recommendation that I forgot to mention here, you can comment that below.

The last thing to mention here is that you can set DVDs to autoplay as well on windows 10. After you are done downloading the desired DVD player on windows 10, go to the control panel & select autoplay option there.

Find out DVDs from the list. Under option ‘DVD movie/Enhanced DVD movie, choose the desired DVD player here’. You are done with it. Now as you insert DVD, it will be played automatically every time.

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